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With over 40 years of experience and intense training, Azurae Windwalker, has been an active shamanic artist, teacher and healer at the Amethyst Center Nature Sanctuary. These are just a few of the many testimonials she has received over the years from her clients and students. If you would like to find out how Azurae can assist you on your journey, please text 540-947-2423 or email here at

LIFEforce Energy Orgone Amulets

“I love my larimar LIFEforce  Amulet!! I wear it every day! Everyone around me is having lots of troubles with all the planets        retrograding. I am getting  amazing downloads and other than my sleep patterns being all messed up, I feel fantastic!! Thank you again for a beautiful magical    healing piece.”

Sue Whelan

“One of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I have ever seen. This is my second purchase from    Azurae Healing Arts. Azurae is a joy, piece shipped on time, and arrived as expected. I'm so excited, I love it! Thank you! “


“This is my third piece by Azurae and I absolutely love it as much as the other two! Her craftsmanship and attention to detail is more than you could ever expect! Thank you for yet another beautiful place! “  “Absolutely gorgeous and happy piece! Azurae’s beautiful energy shines through her work! Everyone who saw this loved it! “

SJ Jacobson   

”I used to get nauseated when working on my computer or phone for long periods of time. Now when I wear my shungite necklace I feel perfectly fine. I wear mine everyday and it has made a huge difference in how I feel! Would definitely recommend.“


Thank you for creating such a beautiful and powerful necklace! The vibrational energy is so beautiful....I felt it as soon as I opened the package! I'm enjoying wearing this pendant and have received many compliments! Thank you Azurae! “


“Absolutely breathtaking. A gift to myself that keeps on giving. I am a covid ICU nurse and it has provided me a lot of protection. Feels so soothing to wear or even hold. My very ill patients on ventilators will point at my necklace and smile. I have compliments from kindhearted Doctors and nurses who seem to be drawn to it. I allow them to hold the pendant and all can feel it’s soothing powers! “


“Such beauty of material and form is a wonderful way to honour spirit's existence. I am so grateful for its purity and uniqueness! Azurae's knowledge about the energy of the stone and how to combine form, material and beauty is true art. To be able to order them even to Europe around the Globe is a blessing.” “During these current times I have been looking for some true support of spirit and beauty and I've found it in this amazing female stone to balance my energies. Am truly grateful! “  

SJ Jacobson   

“I was having a tough day when my amulet arrived. When I opened the mailbox and held the package, I could feel the energy. Before I placed the necklace around my neck, my energy felt like jello with emotions. Almost instantaneously, I felt calm. The jello feeling was gone. The longer I wore the necklace, the more I felt grounded to the earth and I could start to move through my emotions”



LIFEforce Energy Orgone Amulets: “Dazzlingly attractive and powerful! This is my third piece by Azurae and I absolutely love it as much as the other two! Her craftsmanship and attention to detail is more than you could ever expect! I added it to my main healing and use it for help clearing chakras. This shop is my first stop when looking for intentional, scientific and powerfully cleared and activated amulets.” MIT

 “I highly recommend attending Azurae's classes for Empaths..."

Testimonials for Azurae Windwalker.....Practical Shamanism and Nature Spirit Energy Medicine Practitioner,  Teacher and Shamanic Healing Artist

 “I highly recommend attending Azurae's classes for Empaths, as her techniques for clearing, grounding, shielding and working with your spirit body are effective, easy and necessary if you are a Lightworker in any capacity. This gives you the basics you need to start healing yourself so you can effectively help others. I've yet to find anyone else who teaches a set of comprehensive techniques such as these.” Michelle Trull, Northern VA Senior Practical Shamanism  Student



 “Soul retrieval is so powerfully healing!.......... Keep up the great work!"

“Soul retrieval is so powerfully healing! Nothing else works as well as becoming whole to oneself - of the energy we are rightfully entitled to! Many people know something is wrong...they might even say...something is missing! They have half of the answer...they just didn't know it was part of them! You do this (soul retrieval) work as a medicine woman/shaman.....The great thing is that no matter the method, the recognition of the trauma that caused the (soul) break, there is the great need to return this soul part and integrate it. I appreciate your being here on earth at this time to act as guide to others higher awareness and the healing of our Mother Earth. Keep up the great work, and may you receive the blessings of our forefathers/grandmothers, plus the Great Spirit that connects us all!” Dee Chips, President of the National Association for Transpersonal Hypnotherapy & Serpent Mound Shamanic Adventurer with Azurae



"I would not be where I am today on my life path without

 her assistance."

"Over the past couple years I have been a client and student of Azurae’s. In this time we have encountered and tackled some of my health issues. In order for me to heal and move forward Azurae performed cord cutting ceremonies and so retrieval. She is also removed devices that have inhibited my healing and growth. She has an exceptional connection with the higher spirits and they are a fabulous working team. Azurae is very knowledgeable in many areas of healing and is willing to share her knowledge through her workshops. I have participated in these workshops and am grateful for the knowledge she shared. I learned so much.

Her meditations and journeys that she holds at the Amethyst Center are simply amazing. The energy there is so high I can guarantee that everyone will walkway with a nugget of knowledge and a start on the healing process.

I would not be where I am today on my life path without her assistance. I am forever grateful. Azurae, I thank you for all you do and for being a blessing to so many. May you continue to spread light and love throughout your journey and may your life be blessed as you continue to bless others. A’ho".  Rev. Dr. Elisa M Keith, PhD, Practical Shamanism student and healing client

"I celebrate your existence here on Mother Earth at this time."

"Please accept this small gift to you and the Medicine Wheel for allowing me to learn and participate at your home this past weekend. It was a great experience and I celebrate your existence here on Mother Earth at this time. Thank you so much for your wonderful knowledge and passing this on.. Love and Light"  Heidi Dorsey, massage therapist, Practical Shamanism student

 "We are endless in healing for all of you..." 
"After the healing on Sat. to my heart by you, your gateway turtle picture, and the workshop group, the very clear message I got when we connected with our healing White Brotherhood spirit doctors was, “We are endless in healing for all of you, the Earth and the Universe.” Rev. Tina Stonestreet, Artist and Interfaith Minister, Practical Shamanism student

 "Your healing is the only thing I've done lately that could account for that..." 

“I had inherited my daughters' cats in July 2012 when she moved out of the country. I have been taking homeopathic medicines to counteract my awful AWFUL cat allergies - they worked but only when I took them; usually my allergies came back within a couple of days of running out of the medicine. When I received the healings from you last month, I had run out of the medicine and thought, oh well, I will start taking it when the allergies kick back in. But they have not! Your healing is the only thing I've done lately that could account for that, thanks! And Mac and Brick, our cats, thank you because they're getting a lot more loving now that I can cuddle with them!!" Maribeth Coye Decker, CMT, MS, MGA, NO VA senior student and healing client 

"It was Wonderful!"

Bless you and thank you for last night! It was wonderful! Looking forward to the next of the series in March! Carolyn Bratton, director of the Lifestream Center in Roanoke VA and winter workshop series sponsor

"We all live in a better place because of you!"
"Thank you for all you do for everybody....even the world. We all live in a better place because of you. Heidi and Marsha at Cook Kent Institute say that money is an exchange of energy. so please accept this low voltage of energy for all your activities. Thanks & come back soon! Sharon Beck, Charlotte Ascension Medicine Wheel Student Student


Mayan Sacred Chocolate Ceremony in the

Ascension Medicine Wheel

"Amazing is a nice word, though not powerful enough!"

A testimonial about the Mayan Sacred Chocolate Ceremony we will do at the Workshop. "A few words about last night at The Nook...It is difficult to describe how it feels to journey 'beyond'. Amazing is a nice word, though not powerful enough! The Cacao drink was sweet, fiery and exciting. It was the deepest, dark chocolate you can imagine. We took a journey through the Guatemalan jungle to meet the Grandmother Cacao plant with a very special and new Guide. There was silence, the Harmonies of The Universe, bright colors, and extraordinary messages. Let's just say WOW!"  Marsha Cook, co-founder of the Cook Kent Institute at the Nook (training mediums and healers in Charlotte NC)


Practical Shamanism and Nature Spirit Energy  Medicine Apprenticeship

“Beginning the shamanism apprenticeship has been the most personally empowering decision I have ever made. It is truly the journey of a lifetime!”   "I admire your ability to connect your talents, gifts and service with your livelihood on this plane.  How do you do that?  Thank you for each and every time you have prayed for me with words, thoughts or in dreams. You live in my heart. Love and laughter"    Silver Howell, Graduate Apprentice


Soul Retrieval Petroglyph Portraits

"I have not stopped thinking how

 beautiful it is.."

"After our brief meeting at the Raleigh Expo I took my drawing home and I have not stopped thinking about how beautiful and wonderful it is! I have been on such a fast track in the healing arts and I so looking forward to learning more and contacting my grandmother and grandfather ancestors through shamanism. I look forward to the workshops!" Heidi Dorsey, Massage Therapist



"Your Soul Retrieval Petroglyph Portraits are brilliant!"

"Your Soul Retrieval Petroglyph Portraits are brilliant. You got me spot on!" Dr. Yvonne Oswald, Award Winning Best Selling Author and Professional Speaker

"Just know that they (totems, soul colors and sacred symbols) prove things I always knew." 

“I went to Azurae Windwalker to have a Soul Portrait done. I wanted this due to my Native American Heritage. Now I am not going to explain what all of these things mean. Just know that they prove things... I always knew. Things I thought people would think I was crazy for telling them I could do. Things I have yet to write about for that reason.... Before long you will get a blog on why I have green and teal stripes on this picture. Why there is a black crow and why there is that triangle thing in the middle. I feel that they require a blog of their own. I was glad to hear the things I did. I was proud of what I found out.” Riri from Raleigh 

"I still have mine that you did for me a few years ago. Everybody who sees it always asks me where I got it." Bev Feidler


Drum making & Sound Therapy
"Our family drum is absolutely beautiful!!"

 "Our Family drum is absolutely beautiful!!. We can't express how honored we feel and how grateful we are for the time, energy and spirit you put into it for us. Thank you, Thank you Thank you. We will use it with only the utmost respect." Lisa, Deena and Zoe

"Thank you so much for the Drum making and Sound Therapy workshop. I have been drumming for 10 minutes every day and using the teachings to experiment. Thank you SO much! "Jan



Lifeforce Shield Amulets & 

Shamanic Jewelry
"It is like wearing regalia as a reminder of sacred space.." 

"I love my wolf tooth necklace! I have been wearing it when I am leading a group. It is like wearing some regalia as a reminder of being in sacred space. Thank you! You are a generous being." Diane Elliot, Restaurateur, Cherokee ceremonialist, Sufi minister.


"This is such a beautiful and uplifting necklace. Already getting compliments on it." Orange moonstone Beaded Lifeforce Amulet Holly Inscore, ETSY customer review five stars

"Beautiful, brilliant with a magical quality. I absolutely loved this piece and have received many compliments. Azurae is a gifted artist. Thank you!!!" Green Obsidian Lifeforce Shield Amulet, W NC ETSY customer five star review"

Amazing! Thank you for your time in helping select the perfect amulet. The piece is beautiful and suits everything - mind, body and soul. I put it on right when I received it today and anticipate sharing 

the meaning with others as I wear it! Thanks again!"    Moss Agate Lifeforce Shield Beaded Amulet,  Amanda Fitch ETSY five star customer review

"I absolutely love my new Amulet. It is even more beautiful than the picture and I want to wear it every day. I would love each color offered and plan to tell my family that is what I want during gift seasons." Kyanite Lifeforce Shield Amulet,  Debbie ETSY five star customer review 



Gateway Healing Totem Petroglyph Prints


"I love my Dragon fly print …..This is beautifully made and I love the meanings behind the elements in the portrait" Holly Inscore, ETSY five star customer review

"A strong meditation powerful yet so gentle. Beautiful. Thank you for the kind card, I look forward to seeing your new creations to come. And thank you for the protective packaging and fast shipping." Rattlesnake Gateway Print, Sammy, ETSY five star customer review

"Azurae was extremely thoughtful in her her research and artwork and was very accommodating to what I had in mind. Her work is very beautiful." Medicine Wheel of Skip Myers commission from Kathyrn Ricard, five star ETSY customer review

 Gateway Healing Ceremony

"The wave of love is still rolling around the planet!"

"What a beautiful experience we created!  Thank you Azurae Windwalker for bringing and sharing your wisdom and your love for teaching from the Native American perspective.  And much gratitude for creating such a sacred space to gather in.  The wave of love is still rolling around the planet.  I can feel it!!!!"   Raleigh Practical Shamanism student.

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