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More Powerful Than A Static Image

You can work with the powerful shamanic images of a Totem Petroglyph Portrait as a meditation or shamanic journey tool to reach higher dimensions! And if you have a totem and can't quite connect with it for healing or helping, you can use your Totem Petroglyph Healing Print to aid communication and form a closer working relationship with it. Azurae chanelled the Spirit of the each Animal Nation into the design by connecting to its Chief Animal Oversoul! Then she drew what she felt and saw!!! You can access energy from the design visually or use psychometry holding your hands over it. Or have a friend send healing energy through the print using healing hands, a drum or rattle to the appropriate chakra!



No Eyes was a highly respected noted Chippewa medicine woman chronicled in a book series by her student Mary Summer Rain. No Eyes devised a phenomenal healing system aided by the beneficial Star Nation Ancestors for the Gateway Chakras using animal totems, symbols, colors, herbs, stones, directions and sound etc. This system carries powerful multilayered healing and empowerment. Plus it is an ascension tool and is a catalyst for uplifting evolutionary growth. Azurae has worked with this system for 30 years.

Azurae interpreted the Gateway Healing System into the Gateway Petroglyph Prints so you can be use them to balance your energy body, connect with your power animal and climb up the evolutionary spiral of higher consciousness towards ascension. The walls of the Amethyst Center Barn Healing Sanctuary contain altars with each of the Gateway Prints and the appropriate crystals, herbs, aromatherapy and animal essence making a Healing Temple. You can make your own healing temple using the eight Gateway Petroglylh Prints in the same way at your own home or healing studio!

A Gateway Petroglyph Portrait uses images that are inspired by ancient rock art drawings, color therapy, sacred geometry, and totem animal archetypes to offer help and healing to the viewer. The original art is created in charcoal and pastels and prints are copied directly from the original. Digital Prints from a computer do not capture its energy!

In general a power animal or totem ally can increase our strengths and balance out our weaknesses. Many say that these archetypes are encoded in our DNA from memories made in ancient times when humankind was much more in touch with nature. Others say that these archetypes inhabit a different plane in non-ordinary reality and that they function as animal versions of guardian angels to Native and Natural peoples.


Azurae also offers a series of shamanic illustrations of mystical shamanic incidents experienced by her students and herself. These archtypes offer wisdom and help the viewer and experiencer reach non ordinary reality.



A few of Azurae's images illustrate favorite Cherokee stories helping them come to life!


The cost of each print is $18 plus $4 shipping. They are generally 11 by 14 inches which includes a color therapy border. There is a write up with each print telling about the symbols, metaphors and its story.

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