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Trauma Clearing, Soul Retrieval and Joy Guides Empaths Self Care

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Practical Shamanism Self Care
Trauma Clearing, Soul Retrieval and Joy Guides Empaths Self Care

The influx of ultra high frequency energy coming into Mother Earth and our bodies from Solar Storm events and Galactic Downloads is dislodging trauma and causing a variety of physical symptoms. Allopathic medicine cannot address these properly. In my model of Medicine Wheel Healing I address Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental underlying causes of ill health and imbalance. TAKE TIME FOR YOUR OWN HEALING IN YOUR SOUL, EMOTIONAL BODY AND IN PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS NOW!!!


THE COURSE - In this 6 part series YOU discover and experience:

The objective in this 6 part series is to clear the heavy energy and trauma that lowers your frequency, creates ascension symptoms and hinders your progress into 5D ascension. To this end we repeat the core techniques of Practical Shamanism of Powering up, Earth Sun Circular Breathing, Golden Egg Shielding and Intuition building Shamanic Journey in each workshop so you can begin any time. Then we practice trauma clearing through neurolinguistic programming and angelic shamanic intervention so you can uplift your well being and move forward your consciousness potential. We open up the closed root chakra where much trauma is stored to increase your lifeforce flow. We retrieve lost soul parts so that you are healthier and more whole. And finally we retrieve a joy guide to help in returning to a state of happiness.


Soul Retrieval, Archangel Michael Trauma Clearing, DNA Optimization, and a Warrior Protector Shamanic Journey

At this time we need a significant boost to move out of chaos, separation, fear and low frequency into 5D Harmony Reality. So Angelic Intervention and shamanic journeys to the above world to receive a Warrior Protector is a special focus this class.

Many students incorporate the wisdom of Practical Shamanism Enlightened Self Care into their OWN Shaman's Toolbox for healing and helping their clients. As a shamanic mentor this is my mission as I provide a safe, fun place to learn, grow and practice.

In each workshop we clear toxic energy from your home and from yourself as well as grounding and powering up with Circular Earth Sun shamanic breath. We also feature four different techniques for gentle Trauma Clearing by cancelling and deleting either current trauma patterns, ancestral trauma or clearing deeper past life core trauma levels. We repeat Soul Retrieval often and reintroduce the class to their Angelic Helpers, Totem or Warrior Protectors. We learn to strengthen aura boundaries working in balance as spiritual warriors.

Be part of our Amethyst Center Personal and Planetary Healing Practice! 
We meet monthly. You will have an opportunity to upshift, power up, clear, be aware, focused and be well with our shamanic practices. These include Trauma Clearing, Dowsing Clear, Soul Retrieval, Power Ups, Alchemical Golden Egg Shielding, Shamanic Breathwork, Shamanic Journeys, Property Clearing and Protection, Gateway Chakra Clearing, Energetic Implant Removal, and Strengthening of Aura Boundaries. Retrievals of Totems, White Light Master Helpers, Angelic Guides and Warrior Protectors are also often repeated so that you can form strong working relationships with them. We also offer an Earth Healing or Distance Healing Service at each workshop because it is our duty to help our community!

If you are sensitive, gifted and care about improving Mother Earth and your own quality of life... we wish you to ascend to higher consciousness right NOW! The time is ripe to step up and walk your soul path as a healer, helper, and eco-shamanic practitioner! WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.

During the workshops in this series, you will and practice our Practical Shamanism shamanic core techniques of: 

  • Soul retrievals,

  • Alchemical Shielding, 

  • Property Protection, 

  • Chord Cutting, 

  • Energetic Implant Removal, 

  • NLP Dowsing Trauma Clearing, 

  • Animal Totem and 

  • Shamanic Journey for Problem Solving 

All these shamanic healing techniques for personal development, spiritual mastery and wellness are practiced along with our usual potent practices of:

  • Powering up, 

  • Golden Egg Alchemical Shielding, 

  • Circular Earth Sun Breathwork, 

  • Blue Bubble Property Protection and 

  • Intuitive Growth Techniques 

As we repeat techniques on deeper and deeper levels, the goal is to grow more proficient as shamanic practitioners who share healing gifts for friends, family, clients and Mother Earth.

Here at the Amethyst Center and at Glow Healing Arts, we maintain a very high frequency environment where such teachings can take place much more effortlessly. At the Amethyst Center, we are surrounded by a beautiful Nature Sanctuary in a safe environment.

Begin your walk thru the Shaman's Doorway. Strange times DO require extraordinary measures to SHIFT UP and THRIVE through the challenges of life on Ascension EARTH. That is exactly why the practices of Practical Shamanism were downloaded to me and my apprenticeships for you to use!

Practical Shamanism is an ever-continuing apprenticeship of study that changes with the times. What we need during each stage of our ascension upshift will be supplied to us by the Chief Healing Angels, the White Light Masters, the Loving Supportive Star Nations, Beneficial Nature Spirits and our Divine Soul Selves. 

For more than 30 years, Azurae has postively changed lives through her teaching of Practical Shamanism and Nature Spirit Energy Medicine's highly beneficial and effective techniques.

Investment exchange: $88 each workshop

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Need more info? Text Azurae Windwalker at 540-947-2423 or


- One of the most pressing needs by clients is clearing of the Root Chakra. The Root is our grounding, holder of traumas, shelter and survival instincts, sexual and abandonment issues and feeds the solar plexus and sacral with Earth Lifeforce Energy.  A  blocked Root Chakra is very impactful for total health and the ability to climb the ascension ladder. And right now, this condition is pervasive! In the last two months only two people out of 25 clients were free of Root Chakra issues. I believe  this is due to the high frequencies pushing out of our own traumas, the fear of death of war and covid issues and the trauma held in the Earth that we are accessing through our roots! ITS TIME TO GET CLEAR AND POWER UP! So we will check all participants for this and clear the root chakra.


Soul Retrieval.jpg

Although soul loss is a survival mechanism, the problem, from a shamanic point of view, is that the soul part that left usually does not come back on its own. The soul might be lost, or stolen by another person, or doesn’t know the trauma has passed and it is safe to return.  It has always been the role of the shaman to go into an altered state of consciousness and track down where the soul fled to in the alternate realities and return it to the body of the client.

There are many common symptoms of soul loss. One of the more common ones is dissociation, in which a person does not feel fully in their body, alive, and engaged with life. Other symptoms include chronic depression, suicidal tendencies, post-traumatic stress syndrome, immune deficiency problems, and grief that just does not heal. Addictions are also a sign of soul loss, as we seek external sources to fill up the empty spaces inside of us, whether through substances, food, relationships, work, or buying material objects. Retrieving lost soul parts is perhaps the most important, healing and helpful shamanic technique you can experience!


We start out the trauma clearing session with the White Light Master Attunement for embracing your Divine Perfect Blueprint. We  remove trauma stored in your body with the help of Healing Angels and   Neurolinguistic Programming and replace trauma with healthy  lifeforce. It is very gentle and works at a soul and energetic level. This method releases trauma without retraumatizing my students and clients. We can also retrieve lost soul parts caused by trauma.  We mend psychic wounds.   And finally we retrieve a Joy Guide that helps you play, laugh and return to well being!  JOIN US!

Empaths Solar Plexus Clearing & Healing

Empaths work from the solar plexus to feel information intuitively.  They often download lots of toxic energies in the course of reading their incoming messages from people, events and the world. Certainly in this challenging time we must put our empathic skills to good use. AND NOW is the perfect time to clear all that nasty heavy non beneficial stuck energy in the solar plexus!!!!  In this workshop we will clear the solar plexus and you will learn how to use this technique at any time you need to clear your overworked toxic solar plexus. 
THE BENEFIT? A clear solar plexus gives you clarity and the messages you receive will be more on target. Clearing the solar plexus also reduces anxiety, clears stress,  reduces allergies and brings emotional balance.  You will learn to discern what are your true feelings instead of locking into those of other people. W e will also learn to cut non-beneficial chords to people, places and events that seek to manipulate us and drain our lifeforce energies!!!! The workshop also includes material from May 1's workshop so that we can continue the healing cycle and also master through repetition the Practical Shamanic techniques we use to fill our Shaman's Toolbox!

Investment exchange: $88 each workshop

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Linda Kirby,  The Amethyst Center
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