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Soul Retrieval Petroglyph Portraits AND Soul Retrieval - See your perfected soul blueprint in art and be more of who you truly are!

Return to your authentic self. Let shamanic artist, Azurae Windwalker, capture the perfected blueprint of your soul’s frequency in pastels & charcoal. You’ll have an unforgettable healing and inspirational experience. Receive wisdom of your soul’s mission as defined by your gifts and talents. Find your totems, angels, enlightened ancestral guides, soul colors and symbols. Be empowered by your true beauty! Use your Soul Portrait as a shamanic tool for self-realization and use it to retrieve more soul parts later! Your 60 min. session includes oral interpretation on phone and written interpretation and your art which will be mailed.


Investment $125. Add soul retrieval for $77 with another 30 min added to the session.

Shamanic Art is about frequency, intention, sacred symbolism and metaphor. It is a portal to healing, self empowerment and self realization as you work with it. Over the last 20 years I have developed a system to portray the commonalities and unique features of souls. I do this with color bands, totems, elements, angels, sacred symbols, and enlightened ancestors drawn in pastel and charcoal. I channel the energy frequency of your unique soul blueprint into the shamanic art for your healing and clairty of your soul path.

The color bands make your soul song translated to color and each person has more or less of them to add up to your personal soul frequency. Like all songs are made of the same notes but there's more or less notes arranged differently. Everyone has the enlightenment glyph but it will be smaller or larger placed differently... Earth School is about enlightenment for us all but we seek it differently and some are avid students thus a bigger symbol and some are cruising in this lifetime thus a smaller one. The duality lightning with the white stripe is on everyone's portrait because we are in 3D duality reality moving into 5D and we need to remember to walk in balance All humans have these as same symbols with slight variations. ... Folks will either be tuned into the Divine Feminine Moon Star, Divine Male Sun or both as their symbolic connection to God. Most people at BMSF are usually on the nurturing Divine Feminine Moon Star side or are Indigo Children which is both.

Your 4 different totems are a unique combination which tells a story and is a metaphor of your gifts and talents and soul journey. Everyone is predominantly one of four elements each having a differnt energetic focus in your life. Your enlightened ancestors are unique to you in numbers of distant grandfathers or grandmothers and represent Masters who are connected to you thru DNA who act as guides and helpers. The representation on the portrait is a connection portal to them. We have one or two main phylums of angels out of four we connect w best. Sacred symbols vary by ones soul purposes. Most people I work with have the Pleadian 7 stars of Atlantis because most meyaphysical people that are attracted to me are reincarnated Atlanteans here to remind others of balancing head and heart. In fact most body mind spirit expos in the East are principally reincarnated Atlantean conventions.

All this adds up to your soul frequency in its perfect form. Use the portrait as a psychometry tool to connect to the perfection that is your unique soul blueprint. Shamanic Art is about frequency, intention, sacred symbolism and metaphor. It is a portal to healing, self empowerment and self realization as you work with it.

Ultimately all humanity is more alike than different as we all are so closely related in the cosmic web of life. Separation is an illusion propagated to keep humankind in fear and under control. We are ALL related. And we are beautiful, powerful spiritual beings. Please read the handout and you'll see the wide variety and patterns of soul path possibilities. And you will get more information. Ultimately your Soul Petroglyph Portrait is a shamanic tool for you to use intuitively to activate your true SELF.

WHAT Azurae needs to complete your Soul Petroglyph Portrait!!!!

* Send Azurae a text to 540-947-2423 or email telling her you want a Soul Petroglyph Portrait

*Make a sheet with your name, mailing address, phone number and email written on a page of 8 x 11 in. paper. Then with your non dominant hand scribble all over that same side of the page. Mail it to Azurae.

* Mail this to Azurae Windwalker, The Amethyst Center, 4443 Quarterwood Rd., Thaxton VA 24174

( Depending on Azurae's schedule it may take up to 3 weeks to finish your Soul Portrait. You will get a text or email to arrange a time to interpret the Soul Portrail and have a soul retrieval if you wish. You'll get a photo of it so you can follow along during the oral interpretation. After the interpretation session Azurae w mail it to you)

Soul Retrieval &
Soul Portraits

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