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Grief Release & Joy Retrieval

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Needed now more than ever...

Grief is a constant in life... especially during pandemic times. Grief is a natural process that takes time.  But when it goes on too long and becomes crippling its just not healthy or helpful to your highest life path. With the help the spiritual healing helpers,  Azurae is able to  drain that bottomless well of tears, clear trauma, restore Light and Lifeforce and retrieve a Joy Guide for her clients. 

Our objective is helping you remember yourself as whole and happy. And helping lost loved ones be heard, happy and at peace.

We start out the session with the White Light Master Attunement for embracing your Divine Perfect Blueprint. We cut nonbeneficial chords to people and situations we hold grief for. We drain the overabundance of tears. We  access a Healing Angel, Master or the Enlightened Ancestors for solace, information and healing. We can remove trauma stored in your body with the help of Healing Angels and Neurolinguistics Programming and replace trauma with healthy  lifeforce. We can retrieve list soul parts caused by the trauma of losing a loved one. We can mend psychic wounds. We can employ forgiveness ritual.  And finally we retrieve a Joy Guide that helps you play, laugh and return to well being!  And sometimes we receive messages from lost loved ones and help them to cross over. 

Psychologists have recommended Azurae to their clients when standard therapy did not release debilitating grief. The result of several sessions has been almost miraculous according to many happy clients. Azurae welcomes the opportunity to work with you!

To schedule an appointment:

Phone: 540-947-2423


To purchase a session use Text/Call 540-947-2434 or email

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