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Trauma Clearing

Trauma: Root of most dis-eases

Trauma is at the root of most disease, addictions, even allergies! If you want to move  your frequency higher and experience more health,   joy and fullfillment then trauma clearing is absolutely necessary.  I may offer one of  several numerous layers of trauma clearing in a session. Archangel Michael may offer his Flaming Clearing Net which works alchemicaly on the cellular and DNA level to burn away non beneficial energy, entities and programs.

A Neurolinguist Programming Spin  Out cancels neutralizes and deletes trauma stuck in the body.


More advanced is Core Trauma Clearing,  which is usually a session in itself. It takes the Soul Trauma Clearing back to its beginning in past life or ancestral trauma lines. The idea is once you rid yourself of the Trauma Engine the rest of the following repetitive past,  future and present traumas fall away.  In this shamanic journey you see the Core Trauma like a movie without retraumatizing yourself.  You learn why your soul chose this learning lesson, and receive advice for this soul expanding experience. I will provide a narrative in addition to your own insights. Your Angels and White Light Masters accompany you. And the really amazing result is your family line up and down time are also benefited! 

To schedule an appointment:

Phone: 540-947-2423


To purchase a session use Text/Call 540-947-2434 or email

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