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Fall Harvest Ceremony

Woodland Indian Style & Earth Keeper Homecoming


Sun. Oct. 9   

2 pm – 6 pm at the Amethyst Center, Thaxton VA


Earthkeeper Ceremonies are so very important to keep the sacred relationship with Mother Earth. None is more important than being thankful for the harvest of your garden of life. Our Native American style ceremonies led by Azurae Windwalker and Friends of the Amethyst Center are fun, educational and deeply healing for ALL! Together we work with the Spirit in Nature, Our Enlightened Ancestors, White Light Masters and Angels for the highest good for all our relations. That’s why people love them so much! This us our 20th one!!!!! You’ll have the opportunity to give thanks for all your blessings and commune with the potent Spirit of the Amethyst Center Nature Spirit Sanctuary.  Gratitude ensures continued abundance.

What You experience at the Fall Harvest Ceremony

At the Fall Harvest Ceremony we pray hard and play hard!!!!!!  Experience the Dance of the Harvest where we dance in the literal and figurative abundance of our 2022 crops
Dance  the Harvest Corn Dance with a traditional Cherokee song.

Take part in a  Spiritual Giveaway Ceremony.  Bring an important  spiritually significant gift that no longer serves you that you wish to give away and then you’ll receive a wonderful unexpected new gift from someone else. It is an honored ceremony to continue the Divine Flow of Abundance.
Dance, drum, sing traditional Cherokee, Saponi and Delaware songs and modern Native American spiritual songs. 

Enjoy the  Cherokee Sunray Dance of the  Directions similar to Tai Chi as taught by the Sunray Medicine Society led by elder Diane Elliot.

Hear traditional Native stories and special music from the Red Feather Medicine Singers.  
Drum, sing, dance, network and have fun with like minded folks from near and far!

WHAT TO BRING: Dress Warmly. Bring chairs. Bring Pot luck dishes, drums, rattles, flutes etc. Bring ceremonial objects for our group altar. Bring some of your harvest veggies, herbs, flowers or art to dance in the ceremonial circle and honor. Graditude creates more GOOD THINGS! Find out more about what we do,  and our Earth keeping mission at 
A love offering is taken & art silent auction is provided for the Amethyst Center’s ceremonial costs and Earth keeping work.

Earthkeeper Alchemical Practices for Healing Water, Earth and Air 
Sun. Oct. 9  11 am - 12:30 pm

Radiation  released by the recent earthquakes  and  tsunamis  threaten to kill  all wildlife in the Pacific and  our food sources. Pollution is rampant everywhere. Windstorms and floods continue to grow. Mother Earth reacts as a conscious being to our prayers, songs, intent and thoughts!!!! Let us help as gifted healers, prayer makers, alchemists and/or  shamanic practitioners to reduce and remedy this situation. This Earthkeeper Achemy has been a mission of the Amethyst Center for 20 years!

 The Chief Angels of Healing, the White Light Masters, The Eco-dragons, the Beneficial Star Nations, the Forest People and the Spirit in Nature work with us to divert and lessen  ecological  disasters and return Mother Earth to a higher and healthier form moving up to 5D reality. 

On the Serpent Mound Effigy rug we once again set our intent for personal and planetary healing. We lock into the 90 point Worldwide Amethyst Biogrid for the transmutation of personal and planetary toxins and for ascending higher conscious spiritual evolution of all our relations. We journey to our Heart Soul Center and become one with the Divine.  We call in the Ecodragons to alchemically transmute Earth's toxins! Then we reprogram the matrix to Love, Divine Consciousness and put on our Rainbow Bodies of ascension!!! Join us in this very special eco-shamanism ceremony. Prayer changes things!   

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