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Dowse Clear & Up Your Energy Environment for Health



Dowse Clear & Up Your Energy Environment for Health 

Living in a toxic energy environment is no good for anybody, especially sensitive empathic people. Wre DO have plenty of nonbeneficial energy coming at us from many sources right now during the shift. SO THERE'S NO BETTER TIME TO UPGRADE YOUR ENERGY ENVIRONMENT! While smudging is fantastic There's an even better way to solve your energy environment challenges.


Let master shamanic dowser Azurae Windwalker show you how to dowse clear your home or anyplace else you spend time in from a distance. Azurae's 's mentor of 15 years is world famous Dowser Raymon Grace. You will also raise the frequency of your home or other target to health, joy, harmony and peace. The benefit for ypu is a healthier happy creative environment . Its EASY!



  • Calling in your Angels, White Light Masters, Nature Spirit and your Divine Soul Self to help and heal through your Dowsing Program.

  • Using a pendulum counterclockwise to spin out non beneficial toxic energy, entities, chemicals, EMF radiation etc.

  • Reading a dowsing chart and muscle testing to see your degree of success

  • Spinning Dowsing clockwise to raise the frequency of your home and other targets to health, peace, harmony and abundance

  • Powering up and grounding for meditation, healing and dowsing with Earth Sun Breathwork

  • Closing or Screening portals where non beneficial entities enter

  • Magnificent Blue Bubble Property Protection Shield to keep disharmony out and healthy vibes in.

  • Balance with Universal Lifeforces that challenge your personal space and energy body. These are coming in as Downloads, DNA Upgrades, Energy Overloads and Solar Galactic events

  • Build confidence and self esteem as you are able to meets the challenges of Ascension Symptoms and Earth Changes!

  • Using a Master Dowsing Clearing and Uplift LIFEforce Amulet for maximum results.

  • Test your homes and other targets frequency before and after and see your results!



  • A list of 5 places you want to clear and uplift in frequency

  • A notebook and pen

  • Your favorite pendulum or borrow one from Azurae.

  • You will receive a dowsing chart and instructions how to read it.


COST: $44

TIME: WORKSHOP 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm Sat. Nov 18

LOCATION: One Community Now, 816 Franklin Rd. SW. Roanoke VA

Sign up here or text Azurae at 540-947-2423

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