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Other Healing Techniques

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  • Retrieving a warrior protector is a potent way to combat the fear factory environment with constant watchful protection!

  • Clearing programs, trauma, spirit attachments and implants brings you back to your perfected form gently with love. 

  • And building strong boundaries and auric shields vastly increases wellness and lifeforce!

  • LIFEforce Energy Orgone Amulets power you up  heal with crystal medicine and shield you energetically 24-7. Find out more at AzuraeHealingArt 

  • White Light Master Attunements lead you through higher and higher frequencies and alliances with your Angels and Masters Teams so you can rise with the 5D Earth Frequencies toward spiritual mastery.

To schedule an appointment:

Phone: 540-947-2423


To purchase a session use Text/Call 540-947-2434 or email

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