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LIFEforce Energy Orgone Amulets 

Choose your LIFEforce Energy Orgone Amulet today! When you wear a LIFEforce Energy Orgone Amulet you POWER UP, de-stress, heal and shield! These wearable shamanic art necklaces combine science, shamanic art, crystal therapy, copper coils and healing intent for your overall well being!
Protect yourself from the draining non-beneficial energies of people, places, computers, EMF and cell phones with a LIFEforce Energy Orgone Amulet! Your energetic protection is a must! Many clients report that they stay energized wearing their LIFEforce Amulets and notice they can spend much longer times on their computers without getting brain fog and being so fatigued!

To keep your immune system strong in pandemic times we must exercise, stay positive, eat healthily, take safe harbor and supplement. But also a major concern is the weakening effects of 5G and wifi radiation which are proven to deplete our lifeforce energy and health. Further health challenges are influenced by the Fear Factory media seeking mind control. Also challenging are the massive amount of solar storm frequencies we are experiencing and a much higher galactic frequency environment which together conspire to upgrade our DNA and aid the ascension process. These are creating ongoing ascension symptoms as we move towards a Golden Age of Light. Visit: www



And as very sensitive people we energetically pick up on the collective fear and unrest in our environment. The LIFEforce Amulet shields you from much of this as it builds lifeforce and well being! The nurturing frequency of the LIFEforce Energy Orgone Amulets also help you back to a much more balanced viewpoint. It can also stimulate immunity and creativity! The crystal chosen for your amulet has natural inherent healing properties which are amplified by the copper coil design. So choosing your healing LIFEforce Amulet is like choosing a crystal prescription your YOUR well being!


When Azurae's received the inspiration for the LIFEforce Energy Orgone Amulets from her artistic guiding angels they revealed a shamanic design made precisely for these challenging energetic times! With this in mind and foreseeing the future, Azurae channeled the LIFEforce Energy Orgone Amulet design in 1997 while sitting under a Sacred Cedar Tree at the Amethyst Center!

Azurae’s beautiful creations apply the science of piezoelectric crystal energy using the earth's orgone energy which is amplified by three non-tarnishing Tesla style copper coils and lightning bolt wave coils. This sacred geometry amplifies your bodies’ life force chi so you stay energized, strong and protected from energetic challenges. So you see, you are using shamanism in art AND science for YOUR health! Wouldn't it be wonderful to stay energized and clear headed ALL DAY? You can by investing in a LIFEforce Energy Orgone Amulet!!!

Visit my ETSY store at and make your choice for building YOUR LIFEFORCE!

Azurae's clientele ranges from noted North and South American medicine people to country music stars, healers, massage therapists, nurses, mystics, art lovers and IT professionals. Various stones have unique healing qualities making for a crystal energy prescription to keep in mind as you choose the appropriate amulet for your needs! When you shop in the ETSY store each listing gives the unique body, mind spirit benefits of the stones as you peruse Azurae's beautiful and powerful offerings.

The best for the immune system during the pandemic are Shungite, Pietersite, Titanium Aura Quartz and Nebula Stone, Kambaba Jasper. This information was channeled from Archangel Metatron by Amanda Ellis, a famed British Medium, Healer, and international YouTube star with a huge following. She wears her LIFEforce Energy Orgone Amulets often on her show while doing her healing, counseling and channeling work.

THE BENEFITS OF COPPER - Used universally for energy flow, copper eases inflammation, releases tension, and alleviates frustrations. It is a healer of conflict, benefits the brain and thought processes and improves coordination. It also helps to disrupt opposing astrological and cosmic influences.

Azurae Windwalker is a visionary shamanic artist and healer from Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains in Bedford County selling her creations worldwide. She draws inspiration from her American Indian heritage, the Spirit in Nature and her artistic guides. Azurae expands consciousness with wonderfully mysterious energetic illuminating healing art and jewelry. Clients say they feel more alive wearing Azurae’s jewelry designs. And they delight in feeling healing energy coming from her designs. That is because Azurae infuses each piece with its natural healing ways as she designs each piece.

Azurae received much knowledge of the sacred geometry designs she uses when she was a ceremonial leader of the XAT Native American Medicine Society. Artifacts from the ancient Moundbuilder culture offer her both inspiration and wisdom. And her designs are also aided by an ancient Mayan Sun Priest artist spirit guide. Azurae works with color therapy, animal totems, copper coils, numerology, magnets, prayer and stone healing ways as well.

We have received rave reviews from numerous medicine people, energy workers, healers, IT professionals, artists and country stars who own LIFEforce Amulets. The rating on the AzuraeHealingArt Etsy store is five star!! Why not own a piece of shamanic healing art that is both beautiful and beneficial to your wellness? 

See www for your selection. BE WELL!


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