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Distance and
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2022 Distance and In Person Shamanic Healing at the Amethyst Center

2022 has already been a very busy year for healing appointments at the Amethyst Center. The influx of ultra high frequency energy coming into Mother Earth and our bodies from Solar Storm events and Galactic Downloads is dislodging trauma and causing a variety of physical symptoms.  Allopathic medicine cannot address these properly.  In my model of Medicine Wheel Healing I address Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and  Mental underlying causes of ill health and imbalance.

The objectives are to clear and uplift underlying conditions in order to return wellness to the body, mind, emotional body and soul. Then to teach shamanic techniques to maintain wellness through these challenging  times.

I am aided in my work by the Master Healing Angels, White Might Spiritual Masters including Jesus and the Mary's', the Spirit of Nature, and my clients personal  interdimensional healing teams and Enlightened Ancestors. Also aiding in the experience are the wonderful high vibe and power places here at the Amethyst Center. Clients can walk the trails on our 31 woodland acres and choose the spot that calls to their soul for healing, peace, reflection and inspiration in a a safe environment. 

In the current environment I am called to do more and more distant sessions. Finally I have perfected how to do sessions while talking to clients on the phoneI (Doing sessions on Zoom is distracting although I teach on Zoom)  There is no time and space in shamanic healing. So distance doesn't matter. And the Angels, White Light Spiritual Masters, and the Spirit in Nature who do most of the work are everywhere!

Currently one of the most pressing needs by clients is clearing of tbe Root Chakra. The Root is our grounding, holder of traumas, shelter and survival instincts, sexual and abandonment issues and feeds the solar plexus and sacral with Earth Lifeforce Energy.  A  blocked Root Chakra is very impactful for total health and the ability to climb the ascension ladder. And roght now, this condition is pervasive! In the last two months only two people out of 25 clients were free of Root Chakra issues. I believe  this is due to the high frequencies pushing out of our own traumas, the fear of death of war and covid issues and the trauma held in the Earth that we are accessing through our roots! ITS TIME TO GET CLEAR AND POWER UP!

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