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Lions Gate 8-8 Drumming Earth Healing Ceremony

CELEBRATE THE LIONS GATE WITH INTENT DRUMMING. SINGING AND SOUND. This is one way we can sculpt a more sustainable future as concerned caretakers of Mother Earth! YES....We Rise! Sun. Aug 8 at 3 - 6 pm join us remotelty or in person at the Amethyst Center! This is part of a worldwide Drumming Event supporting Mother Earth! Find out more at in the newsletter.

INVITATION: LIONS GATE LOVE CEREMONY!!! A Lions Gate LOVE sound healing ceremony will be on 8/8 Sun. Aug. 8 at the Amethyst Center at 3 pm. It is part of a potent international ceremony to broadcast out LOVE for personal and planetary healing. We will set up a special grid on the Amethyst Biogrid to better facilitate our intent. The 8-8 Lions Gate Ceremony joins in a worldwide drumming event and movement started in Denmark for that day. My wish is that drumming, singing, flutes, crystal pyramidial sound healing forms, rattles, singing bowls, and tuning forks join in making a joyful frequency full of LOVE.

The idea is to journey to the heart soul center and then play a LOVE based quality to broadcast out from your soul. Then we spread that freqency around counteracting the fear and oppression now in play. As shamanic practioners we have a special skill set to make change. Let's do our part! What love based qualities do we want to play?

RSVP TO AZURAE WINDWALKER if you want to come to the Amethyst Center for the LIONS GATE 8-8 Drumming Ceremony.

Our address is, The Amethyst Center, 4443 Quarterwood Rd. Thaxton VA 24174. 20 min. East of Roanoke VA 3.5 miles off Hwy. 460

NEW INFO: Our friends of the Amethyst Center are drumming, singing songs of the Eastern Woodlands American Indians, crystal bowling, gonging, fluting, and tuning forks. We have chosen a word for each direction to focus on such as Compassion, Oneness, Harmony. Then we will journey into the hear soul and will play that frequency. We are dowsing & charging water to its perfect form which will be taken to streams and rivers to to clear pollution!

Compassion, hope, sovereignty, oneness, health, harmony, gratitude, freedom are our words to focus on. Bring a short reading or poem that fits one if you choose. I figured we could have a reading or song illustrating each word and then meditate and journey to the heart soul center and jam to that frequency. Then blow the frequency it into the ground.

Details on international Drum Ceremony:

Bring: water to charge, chair, instruments, crystals for altars, 8/8 symbols or Lion images. Munchies.

Here is information on the global Drum Healing Gathering.

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