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Special Events & Ceremonies
for Personal & Planetary Healing and Change

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The most powerful tools of shamanic practitioners are our intent, emotion, ability to visualize our mission and put spiritual forces into motion to affect change. We achieve our ceremonial intent through sound in chants, drums and visually in metaphor, movement and art. For 20 years at the Amethyst Center we have conducted ceremony for change, primarily for Earthkeeper Alchemy to heal Mother Earth, Personal Healing Ceremony, Ceremony for Forgiveness, Ceremony for Celebration and Honoring, and Ceremony for Gratitude for Good Planting and Harvests.

The magic in ceremony is the gathering of many minds and hearts together in co creative union. Each person gathered multiplies our force by the power of three overcoming lower vibrational reality! So miracles are made! The creation of ceremony adds a different dimension to changing our individual mental programming and fears by acting out our desired change with a symbol. We communicate with our subconscious mind with symbols. The subconscious mind does not distinguish what is real and what is vividly imagined. In shamanistic terms ceremony is a bridge between upper world and lower world non-ordinary reality and middle earthly world reality.

Objectifying and acting out the change we seek on a physical level is where we experience it isn't just in our minds. By graphically acting out our desired change on the physical level the mind knows exactly what is wanted. The desired change is programmed clearly without a doubt. Thoughts + desire + visualized symbols plus action create manifestation.

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For us, we take action both symbolically by doing ceremony and also by taking actions out in the world. Many of our regular Friends of the Amethyst Center Ceremonial Circle have made significant contributions to society supported by the power of ceremony! Many minds and hearts working together in harmony can create BIG changes.

A true shamanic practitioner is a hollow bone or clear channel. To be s clear channel we must let go of ego or compress it as much as possible so that we can call in and ground in our higher dimensional healers and helpers into ordinary reality We use our subconscious mind and intuitive skills to connect with higher dimensional entities of Angels, White Light Masters, Guides, Enlightened Ancestors, Beneficial Star Nations and Nature Spirit. And these higher dimensional beings help to fulfill our goals for personal and planetary healing.

So what are our themes for ceremony? Freedom, Unity, Healing, Compassion, Sovereignty, Peace, Wisdom, Abundance and Gratitude are most often main themes. Any one ceremony might contain a dance illustrating one or more of these themes, smudging, making and protecting sacred space, building ceremonial fires with prayer and a combination of woods with specific medicines, many medicine songs , prayers or chants, drumming and storytelling to illustrate the theme. We always focus on group altar making combing our personal medicine symbols into a unified co creative group consciousness. Sacred Art is often included which might range from a giant Earth Art installation to using art on altars or as backdrops to the event. For the Water Protector Ceremonies we surround the altar with Water containers and dowse the water with the help of the Spirit of the Water back to its perfected state. This water is able to change any water it touches back into water its perfected pure life filled form. Then the Amethyst Center Ceremonial Circle members take this water to bodies of water to clear pollution. Often friends in far flung places join us distantly and we hold and open chair symbolically for them. You may also fill this chair.

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If you would like to donate to our ceremonial fund to pay for supplies, travel for elders, port a potty rental, upkeep of the ceremonial grounds, the Barn Healing Sanctuary Roof Repair and filming for YOUtube, for out of town participants we would greatly appreciate it! Please use the button/link below.



Support the Amethyst Center create sacred space for Nature Healing and ceremony for Mother Earth today!

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