Sep 17 Global Water Protector Ceremony

Sound & Drumming Ceremonies

  • Starts Sep 17
  • Quarterwood Road

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We join together with a worldwide organization of Earthkeeper Drummers to send our intent to heal Mother Earth and raise the vibes to harmony, peace, freedom, love, unity consciousness and healing. Bring drums, rattles, crystal bowls, digeridoos, bells, flutes or gongs. We focus on our intent then sing a song to illustrate it. Then we freestyle play to the worldwide grid. Bring munchies for fellowship afterwards. Radiation released by the recent earthquakes and tsunamis threaten to kill all wildlife in the Pacific and our food sources. Pollution is rampant everywhere. Windstorms and floods continue to grow. Mother Earth reacts as a conscious being to our prayers, songs, intent and thoughts!!!! Let us help as gifted healers, prayer makers, alchemists and/or shamanic practitioners to reduce and remedy this situation. This Earthkeeper Achemy has been a mission of the Amethyst Center for 20 years! We are part of a worldwide community of drumming ceremonialists , the Water Protectors, who join together for healing Mother Earth. Within two weeks 35,000 people gathered globally for this cause recently. Often we have sound therapists join us with singing bowls, gongs, rainsticks. We sing a song related to our Earthkeeping Mission and freeform sound therapy. Our missions may include sovereignty, freedom, compassion, healing, peace, and unity. Most ceremonies are in our sacred ceremonial circle. But if it rains we meet in the Barn Healing Sanctuary. A potluck follows. The Chief Angels of Healing, the White Light Masters, The Eco-dragons, the Beneficial Star Nations, the Forest People and the Spirit in Nature work with us to divert and lessen ecological disasters and return Mother Earth to a higher and healthier form moving up to 5D reality. On the Serpent Mound Effigy rug we set our intent for personal & planetary healing, lock into the 90 point Worldwide Amethyst Biogrid for the transmutation of personal &planetary toxins and for ascending higher conscious spiritual evolution of all our relations. We journey to our Heart Soul Center and become one with the Divine. We call in the Ecodragons to alchemically transmute Earth's toxins! Then we reprogram the matrix to Love, Divine Consciousness and put on our Rainbow Bodies of ascension! To contact Azurae call/text 540-947- 2423 LOVE OFFERING: If you want to support the work of the Amethyst Center please donate here: to paypal at and notate

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  • The Amethyst Center, Quarterwood Road, Thaxton, VA, USA